Saturday, 28 July 2012

Mr Pie Chart

-This post might be simple, but it gives a meaning to me♥♥ 
 * Muka awak sumpah mcm tak ikhlas dalam picture ni. HAHAHA! -movienight2012 with Farghanian

"You know that feeling where everything feels right? Where you don't have to worry about tomorrow or yesterday, where you feel safe and know you're doing the best you can? There's a word for that, it's called love. L-O-V-E." -Miss Niessa

 I wish other teenagers can feel the way I feel right now. Feel free from trying to be someone else when you know it's not the real you, free from everything your heart been aching from. It feels like I don't have anything else to bother now other than being happy and keep smiling.

Almost seven months of being his classmates doesn't seem to be enough. Just in six months and few days, we became closer than before. I never thought that you were this kind, you crossed the boarder of my expectation line. And that's the danger of friendship- you inhaleyou brought people into your life and they brought you into theirs. When it's time to let it go, I believe that it was never an easy thing.

Oh yaa. My cousin had told me about Novel Papa. She told everything inside this novel. And ni ayat yang paling kitorang suka :

"Zalimlah Tuhan jika merenggut segala kebahagian kita selama ini.."

"Tuhan tak pernah zalim, bang, tapi kita sebagai manusia yang tak pandai bersyukur dan selalu alpa dalam banyak perkara yang kita lakukan" -Novel Papa, page 44

Thank you for making me smile, IQMALSYAHMIADAM.

And this song is for you..