Saturday, 28 July 2012

Weekends are for Playing

The day that I will remember in this holy Sabda. That morning I woke up early and went to AP01, AP02 and AP04. We had promised to play basketball this morning. -I’ve moved from my dorm and it’s been a massive change since I woke up at 7.30am on Saturday. Haha.

Waiting for them was a bit tiring..
Now, look at Anna! Muka dia macam tak mandi. Haha. But she still looks cute in Farghani tshirt!

Since there is no one at school except Form5 student, we're having a-lot-of-fun in this weekend. We sang loudly at aspuri, making noisy at school, sleeping together at Emerald and Ruby, conquer the Dewan Makan, laughing crazily in bilik tv and watching movie dekat lappy Momoe. Ahh, can any life gets better than this?

See, Wanie was having fun dekat court basketball. Can you believe it?

Here you go. This is our leader. She's the one who wants to play basketball today!

We're trying to make our goals. Wuhooo..

Tak payah nak buat muka sangat lah Momoe. Tak panas mana pun -_-

Look at Momoe. *laughing

Extremely excited huh..?

Now, we're goin to play tennis. Or-maybe-playing-at-the-tennis-court.

Hahaha. Senior paling matured bhaii.

Stop asking me why -_- They asked me to do so. Shut up.

This happened when they're getting bored.

That's all. Thank you :D