Sunday, 11 December 2011

In the seventh-heaven

Did I mention it was a worst day? The class was to start in 10 minutes and I would have just enough time if I made my way on foot. My pace quickened with every passing minute.I tried to recall the Progression formula I had gone through the night before and forced myself to ignore weird stares from the people on street. Thought Sir Mega wanna give us some question, but then its end up with discussion.

And the class was like..

As I look at my paper, I let my eyes travel further. I saw him, the back of his head. I smiled. A bunch of memory guide me in few seconds. I tried to pretend like I always do. He looked smart in his green Tshirt even while answering the question. Even if only seen from the back.

I eyed him again. My eyes candy. He ruffled his hair. Put down his pen. Stopped answering. And look around (maybe he's looking for Sir Mega).


As his parents approached him, he went away without looking other people. So, I pretend like I was having a chat with girls instead of looking at him.

Out of blue..

My phone rings the song 'True' by Ryan Cabrera.



Hey! I got a message from my dormate. Goodbyee :D