Monday, 25 February 2013

Sabarlah, wahai hati

 'Don't cry over the past, cry to get over the past. Don't smile to hide the pain, smile to heal  the pain.'

I have to get hurt. And thats how I learn. Im goin to smile like nothing is wrong, talk like everything is perfect, act like it's all a dream and pretend like Im okay.

Ego. I know somehow ego aku besar. And thats why aku selalu tak hargai apa yang ada depan mata. Tak pernah bersyukur. Ingat lagi time restu ilmu, semua orang nangis salam dengan member member. But me? Aku duduk depan bilik kaunseling, tengok korang. Alone. Tengok semua orang mata merah je. Aku tak tahu nak react macam mana time tu. Akma, Hajar, Hanis and badar lain semua jumpa tanya kenapa aku dekat situ. I dont know why. Rasa macam heartless. Tak boleh terima yang one day, kita semua ada life masing masing after SPM. Ada time ni, Yana datang mintak maaf then nak peluk. Aku nampak dia menangis. But aku tolak kau kan, Yana. Teruknya. Kawan apa lah macam ni. Yana, Im sorry okay. Most sorry. Aku memang ego. Aku tak boleh peluk kau and tengok kau nangis nangis mintak maaf. I just cant do that. Im sorry Yana. Aku tak tahu nak describe macam mana feeling aku time tu. But one day, kalau ada rezeki, aku akan datang dekat kau and peluk kau and cakap 'Yana, kita kawan selamanya. Terima kasih.' Insya Allah. 

"The Sun and The Moon's love is a very tragic love, where they have been in love since Allah created the word and will still be in love when Allah destroy it. Loving each other but never be able to be together. There's always that kind of love in this life. And surely Allah will grant your love wishes in the Heaven. Fate is in the hand of Allah and Destiny is Allah's Haq for His servants. There will be time when your love will be realized. If Dunia Cinta is not for you, then Syurga Cinta is waiting for you. For the love that is never to be realised in this world, Im praying to God to give us the strength to be patient until the love comes to realised in the Paradise, full of happiness. Whenever you are tired of waiting, think of how long The Sun and The Moon have been waiting." - Ain Arbain