Friday, 8 June 2012

Thank you, 'sahabat'

Through out the 5 month of being in my new class, 5 Al-Farghani, I've be friends with many kind of people and I've learn about friendship, but surprisingly, I didn't learn it from the people whom I've known since I was a lil' girl, but from the people whom I never expected to get close with like you, Azmira Eriza and Suhada Sulaiman, who have seen me being so broken when everybody else think I'm doing fine, who knew that I've spend some of my terrible days at my school crying in the class.

Sometimes I think I'm not not a good friend because my 'friends' choose to be with other people instead of me.

But it's okay, I've met some really great people who never get bored trying to advice me in every possible way that I can't even describe in words. Even when I don't want to tell them what's wrong, they'll still try their best to cheer me up. Because that's what friends will do.

To 'FRIEND' who wasn't there for me when I was facing a hard time, don't ever fucking come to me. You don't know what I've been through to get to where I am now. 

So, for those people outside there, if your friends never appreciate your existence, then let them feel your absent. And soon you'll realize that you never need them anyway. You only feel like you do because you never try living apart from them. They may say that you've changed, you forgot where you belong, where were they when you're struggling like shit to get through the hardship in your new school life anyway?