Friday, 8 June 2012

Expect the Unexpected

19 May 2012
Saturday is just-not-to awesome because today is Hari Kecemerlangan untuk batch United Soul. I spent much times with Fikry, Nana, Faa, Wanie, Bulat and other Jazarian at 5 Al Jazari. Giggling, laughing and stupid jokes were made as we sat together. First, I'm trying to do some revision but I failed to concentrate since I saw Iman and Hazique playing congkak beside me. 

Suddenly I came to realised that this will be the last time I'll ever laugh this hard. This, right here, were the place that Im gonna miss in my elder days.

Somehow I wish we were some bimbos who cant even passed our exam so then we will definitely have the chance to meet next year but different class but the luck was not on my side.While others were having so much FUN at dewan, we sacrifice our time laughing and taking some pictures by Momoe's camera.

Oh yaa, at night, we're having our BBQ. -and there is unexpected moments.

*Eh, Sir Shahrul used to say unsangkarable replaced the word unexpected. Yes, kitorang pun ikutlah.

-Unexpected moments always become my favourite memories.

I may not like certain things that life offers me now, but later I'll realized why it happened that way. But I just have to be patience to know the reason why. -ISA

By time I wrote this, you played I Won't Give Up through Skype.